Best Director

“Best Short Film: DIAMOND”

Mr. Mijo Jose. ( Best Director )

Deafness, Thrissur, Kerala decided to pursue acting after reading and watching
a performance of the above film, is considered the master film Director,
producing some of greatest film

Best Editor

“Best Short Film: GURU DAKSHINA”

Mr. Hemang Bharat Somaiya. ( Best Editor )

Deafness, Mumbai, Maharashtra was introduced to cinema through the popular film Director by the blockbuster above film and worked Adobe Premiere Pro, 3D & 4D Animation style and performed the lecturer.

Best Studio

“Best Short Film: MOTHER MAA (DCAA)”

Mr.Narendra Prasad. ( Best Studio )

Deafness, Gurugram, Haryana performed the photography and worked hard and assisted the film director and made the creative of photography on the above film.

Best Actor


Mr. Hritam Hazarika. ( Best Actor )

Deafness, Guhawati, Assam, is considered one of the greatest actors of his generation. He had a rare talent to take on a range of intriguing roles on the above film.

Best Actress

“Best Short Film: MY DEAR SISTER”

Miss Nirupama Pani. ( Best Actress )

Deafness, Coimbatore, became one of most famous cultural icons in India and performed the idea story of above film by Film Director Mr. Waqas Naseem.